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INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Launch Event for Clearwater Tunneling Machine | Maintenance Block on Gaffey Street Completed | Virtual Tours & Presentations | Work Continues on the Regional Recycled Water Program
Launch Event for Clearwater Tunneling Machine

On April 15, we hosted a virtual event to unveil the Clearwater Project tunnel boring machine (TBM) and recognize the student finalists of our TBM naming and art contests. The event featured several distinguished speakers and provided an opportunity to see the tunneling machine before it is lowered below ground to start tunneling. Click on the image below to see a recording of the event and subsequent virtual tour. To see the short recap video, click here.

Naming Contest Winner: Hanna Hsu of Highland Oaks Elementary School
Maintenance Block on Gaffey Street Completed

In preparation for tunneling, three underground concrete "maintenance blocks" were created along the tunnel alignment. These maintenance blocks will enable the safe inspection and repair of the TBM's cutting head. The last maintenance block, located on Gaffey Street, was completed in May.

Over the next two months, minor work will be done along North Gaffey Street to install monitoring equipment. This work should have minimal impact on traffic since it is anticipated that only one lane will be coned off during the day.

Work on Gaffey Street Completed
Virtual Tours & Presentations

The Sanitation Districts continue to offer the following educational programs to the public and schools in our service area:
  • A virtual tour of our wastewater treatment plants. Learn step-by-step how wastewater (sewage) is treated and converted into clean water suitable for recycling and discharge to rivers and the ocean.
  • A virtual presentation called "Olivia's Clean Water Adventure." See through the eyes of Olivia the Otter as she encourages environmental stewardship and promotes ways to keep our waterways clean. This presentation is offered to elementary schools in Carson, Harbor City, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Pedro, and Wilmington.
Time slots are limited, so register early. To schedule a tour or presentation, please fill out the online form on the Clearwater Project website.
Olivia virtual presentation
Work Continues on the Regional Recycled Water Program

The Sanitation Districts and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California continue their partnership that could result in the largest water recycling program in the country. At full-scale, the Regional Recycled Water Program (RRWP) could produce 150 million gallons per day of purified water, which is enough to serve more than 500,000 homes.

In 2020, both agencies’ Boards of Directors approved starting the environmental and planning studies for the program. A 500,000 gallon per day demonstration facility continues to provide information needed for the design and permitting of the full-scale facility. Over 50 virtual tours of the demonstration facility were conducted despite the pandemic. To find out more about the project or schedule a tour, click here. To learn how the Clearwater Project complements the RRWP, please see answer number 23 in our Clearwater frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Work Continues on the Regional Recycled Water Program
Virtual Tour of Bixby Marshland
June 5 @ 8 am
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